Our Hosts

"Where goes the Bee, go we all..."


Founding Director of The Sacred Academy of Geo-EnergeticsMichael Henry Dunn is a human rights advocate, scholar, author, musician, and a globally recognized commentator on issues of human rights and the restoration of the Rule of Law. Recognizing the urgent need for a revival of the spirit of Chivalry expressed in Sacred Activism, Michael lectures publicly worldwide on Sacred Activism, human rights, and the restoration of the Code of Chivalry.

Nancy Hopkins is a researcher, author, internet radio host, producer and owner of Cosmic Reality Radio and the Cosmic Reality Shungite Store. As a US Army Intelligence Officer, Nancy was trained in concepts of the “Electronic Battlefield” and “Electronic Warfare”, where EMF and WiFi frequencies are critical components to war.  "The ongoing Sixth Extinction Event and collapse of the insect world will take with it civilization as it is now known. But Shungite has demonstrated the ability to save the honey bees. Can it also stop nature’s destruction by human technology?"


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