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The crisis of massive implementation of 5G frequencies throughout the world is not your typical environmental alarm bell. The medical findings and hard science which document the toxic and potentially lethal effects of human exposure to 5G are indisputable. The rush to install thousands of 5G-emitting towers every 800 meters in towns and urban aeas represents nothing less than a full-out attack on the physical and mental health of humanity - ostensibly for the benefit of faster internet downloads. 


We have a brief window of time in which to mobilize resistance to this attack, while sharing protective measures to shield those of us already exposed to 4G. There is currently no known protection against 5G!

The "super-fast downloads" hook appears to be merely a PR ploy. As noted in this ELuxe magazine article, the increased speed would be barely noticeable to humans - while massively increasing the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence. Given the alarming record of illegal intrusive surveillance by such entities as the NSA - and the steady march of corporate usurpation of authentic democracy - it is not only our health which is at risk, but our freedom.

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government."

- Thomas Jefferson


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