Reclaiming Our Future

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Make technology safe for the future...

We are in a race against time to awaken the world to this grave danger - and your help is crucial. As a joint project of the Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics and Cosmic Reality, Radio5G is supported by the independent self-sustaining efforts of the founders, and by your generous help. Nancy L. Hopkins and Michael Henry Dunn are committed to bringing experts and activists together across America and the world, as Michael launches a speaking tour, joining Nancy on-air for inspiring updates. Radio5G is not a non-profit. We have learned the hard way that 501c (3) status does not allow us to grow our missions. So your contribution to the work of alerting the public to these dangers, while essential, will not be tax-deductible. All donations are used to cover essential expenses of production and overhead for our devoted hosts and staff. Time is short - your help is needed now. Heartfelt thanks from Radio5G!