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Radio 5G is a crucial informational hub to inform, inspire, and activate a worldwide movement to stop the reckless roll-out of this dangerous technology. Our weekly radio program features cutting edge news and interviews with experts and activists from around the world.  

5G Roll-out: Untested, Unregulated, Uninsurable!

The 5G Crisis is no ordinary environmental call to action. None of us can afford to ignore this. This is about a lethal threat to the biosphere (upon which we all depend) which is being heedlessly rushed into worldwide implementation by corporate entities, bypassing health risks. As the alarm over 5G spreads, property values too may be affected as concerned buyers shy away from homes near 5G towers (as shown by the high-value towns in California which have recently banned 5G over cancer concerns). Prestigious insurers Lloyd's of London - famous for a willingness to insure high-risks - recently issued Exclusion 32, which specifically excludes any coverage for Wi-Fi and telecommunications radiation liability.


The evidence documenting grave risks to human health and the environment is overwhelming.  We urge your careful attention to the scientific evidence shared here, and to the legal and political tools we all need to use to stop this potentially lethal threat to our families and communities - a threat which is even now being installed at 800 meter intervals throughout the developing world.

We must set aside political differences and work together to reclaim our right to protect our children and our world. Increased risk of brain tumors, diabetes, miscarriages, memory loss, fertility loss, cognitive disorders - the list of health risks is long and alarming.  The environmental damage is no less urgent: drastic reductions in bird and insect populations, damage to plant life, contamination of the food supply.

Radio 5G is committed to working together with activist groups throughout the U.S. and worldwide to alert humanity to this danger, and to sharing news of how we can all work together to put a stop to 5G. How many lives must be sacrificed before we wake up?  Join us now. One person can indeed make a difference.

Guarding Children's Health

Protecting the Biosphere

Safe Technology for Our Future

Preserving Property Value

"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead



The mission of Radio 5G is stark and simple - awaken humanity to this grave risk, and work together to reclaim our right to protect our families and our world.


Our Vision


Radio 5G serves a dual role as awareness-raiser and activator. Dynamic weekly interviews with scientists, legislators, and activists will broadcast the latest developments in the 5G crisis, while our continually updated database of facts and legal tools helps to drive the Stop 5G movement forward.  We envision a "network of networks," joining hands with the most effective groups worldwide to create a tidal wave of action to protect our communities from this danger.


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