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"Health concerns have ranked as a tiny footnote in the midst of the massive hoopla about 5G’s speed and capacity...In both Europe and the U.S., however, individuals living and working in proximity to newly installed 5G towers and antennas are telling a different story...experiencing health problems such as insomnia, miscarriage, memory problems and other neurological issues, and there are widespread reports of annihilation of insect and bird populations."

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Parliament Debates the Dangers of 5G

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3/20/19: Focus on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s  Stand Against 5G

3/27/19: Focus on "5G Apocalypse" -

New Documentary from Sacha Stone

4/3/19: Dean Henderson Interview - 

Who is Behind the 5G Agenda?

4/10/19: Sacha Stone & Mark Steele Interview -

The Making of "5G Apocalypse"

Important News

The Dominoes are Starting to Fall! Claire Edwards on the World-wide Stop 5G Movement.

March 15th, 2019

Long-time United Nations staff member Claire Edwards summarizes worldwide developments in the 5G situation. While still far from a victory claim, there is much to be hopeful about as millions around the world deepen involvement and take a stand for our shared future.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Comes Out Against 5G

February 13th, 2019

Kennedy's Children's Health Defense states that "5G poses risks to all life on the planet—people, animals, insects and plants. However, it is clear that fetuses and children are among the most vulnerable members of the human population."

February 18th, 2019

Ronald M, Powell presents conclusive evidence to state officials in Maryland, calling for a halt to the heedless roll-out of this dangerous technology

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